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Going further with Loki

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Jan. 15th, 2007 | 08:07 pm
mood: amusedamused
music: Billy Idol - L.A. Woman
posted by: expl in stonersroadmap

Loki is the name of my male housecat.

Usually this mofo doesn't miss the opportunity to get high, but right now he fucked my other feline and it seems sleeping is his top priority. Not when I am in charge.

The first difficulty is that fucker dodges smoke. Even further, he learned to hold his breath - either a bit of suffocation before the inhalation is neccessary, or I gotta make some kind of a tunnel with my fist, fill it with smoke, wait while the beast starts breathing and shoot the smoke inside with air from my mouth. By the way, this method gets him high pretty fast - gotta try it with humans sometimes. The second difficulty is I only got pipe today. So I gotta hold the cat, light the pipe, inhale the smoke, put down the pipe, cover it with lighter, which usually falls off. For real, you need a pipe with an auto-closing bowl mechanism for ganja.

Anyway, shit happens and I lose a full pipe of ganja all over my rasta kitten. Picking it out of his fur is useless - it is stuck, and if it does get out, it's mixed with his hair.

I already began grieveing over my lost bowl when I remembered there are other ways of taking in cannabis. I realized I need to make the kitty lick itself. Which is not an easy task, I must tell you - this scruffy motherfucker usually shakes off like a dog. I found the solution under my left arm - a cup of sweet coffee with milk. A couple of drops and Loki begans licking the green marijuana out of his white fur. So sweet! ^__^

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